Sardella’s Biography

sardella-website Born in the Fifties in Spanish Quarters of Neaples, Gennaro Sardella imposes himself on the International and Italian artistic scene as a visual narrator of colourful and immaterial worlds in continous evolution, so that its chameleonic protagonist (in its endless self-clonation) assumes the full control of himself, diverting the artist’s creativity and at the same time, in some cases, teasing the viewers. Educated at Capodimonte Art School (Naples), Sardella meets Roberto Carignani (a great italian painter) and starts with him a very long synergic and fruitful partnership that leads him into the Art Market.

During his artistic life, after Drawing and Painting, Sardella experiences the Watercolour, the Mixed Technique and the Clay and Bronze Processing. But his real turning point begins in the early years of 2000s, when he realizes his first Wood and Metal Work. However, this further move doesn’t satisfy his innate will to take a challenge and encourages Sardella to go on working with different materials till to obtain his first jewels: “Artist’s Jewel”.

An entire life dedicated to the Art, with over ninety art exhibitions, performances and exposures, a “54th Venice Biennals” participation, several attestations, dozens of articles on industry magazines, newspapers and television appearances. The artist also realized the prizes for the prestigious Elsa Morante Prize held at the Royal Palace of Naples and Villa Farnesina in Rome in year 2012.

Lots of reviews and testimonies from important people such as: Joseph Ratzinger (Pope Emeritus), Lucio Dalla (Singer), Guglielmo Ara (Art Critic), Giuliana Gargiulo (Journalist), Giuseppe Giorgio (Journalist), Luciano Caramel (Art Critic), Luciano Caprile (Art Critic), Nino D’Antonio (Art Critic), Maria Rosaria Tiozzi (Art Critic), Guido Della Martora (Art Critic), Ibrahim Kodra (Painter), Raffaele Barsciglè (Painter), Giorgio Di Genoa (Jurnalist), Giuseppe Campolieti (Writers), Paolo Rizzi (Art Critic), Bruno Rosada (Art Critic), Janus (Art Critic), Salvatore Italia (Head of Cultural Heritage of Italy), Mauro Giancaspro (National Library Director of the Royal Palace of Naples), Guglielmo Monti (Veneto Region Superintendent), Oretta Dalle Ore (Poetess-Writer), Vittorio Sgarbi (Art Critic) and Zubin Mehta (Orchestra Director), is used to call Sardella “Maestrissimo”.

Fifty years of activity and experimentation makes Sardella an original artist, so that Mimmo Rotella (a famous italian artist) dedicates him short and salient verses. In his artworks, Sardella critices the Modern World, where man is increasingly emptied of his values, more and more homologated and conditioned by a system that makes him a puppet-object, victim and executioner of itself. His motto is: « What’s the point in doing something already done? »